“The most radical thing I ever did was to stay put.”      Grace Lee Boggs

To Be Determined (TBD) is an urban development project that recognizes artists as part of a growing constituency of low-income people. We are an intergenerational collective of artists that asks: How might artists demand, support, and create truly affordable housing for all low-income people in New York City?

The on-going project of TBD is to articulate the common interests of low-income people, creative debtors, and itinerant artists within neighborhoods. Recognizing that “artists” are not a singular and un-complex constituency, we wish to work with artists who are, or who want to be long term residents while keeping their and neighborhoods truly affordable.

We value alliances among artists, residents, and community organizers. We learn together, creatively problem solve, join coalitions, and initiate relationships across social spheres in order to belong to the city, and to each other, more equitably.

TBD has created this online resource to encourage artists to work with their neighbors to promote a network of Community Land Trusts and affordable housing in New York City. By developing ideas and case studies for cooperative urban development, we are working toward place-making that extends beyond the creative class.


New York City To Be Determined members: Stephen Korns, Susan Jahoda, and Caroline Woolard
To get involved email info@nyctbd.com