5. Read

General Resources and Reading

Robleno, S. Co-owning with friends in New York, New York Times, 2014

Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, Boston, Building Neighborhoods Block by Block: Ten Lessons We’ve Learned on Dudley Street

Tom Wetzel’s Blog Uncanny

Jessica Gordon Nembhard, Collective Courage:A History of African American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice , Pennsylvania State University Press, 2014

Tom Angotti, New York For Sale: Community Planning Confronts Global Real Estate, MIT Press, 2011

Tom Angotti, Five Things You Can Do 

Tom Angotti and Sylvia Morse, Keeping The Public In Public Housing

Rosalyn Deutsche, Evictions: Art and Spatial Politics, MIT Press, 1996

Staughton Lynd, Accompanying: Pathways to Social Change

Naturally Occurring Cultural District Work Group, Strategies from NOCD, Policy Brief from NOCD:

Picture The Homeless, Banking on Vacancy

Poor Magazine, San Francisco

The Value of Land: how Community Land Trusts Maintain Housing Affordability

Sharon Zukin, Loft Living, Audio Book

Placemaking and place-sustaining Art Projects

The Up Truck, Boston

Fairmount Cultural Corridor, Boston

Worker Cooperatives

US Federation of Worker Cooperatives

Yes! Magazine

Green Worker Cooperatives

Smokey Mountain Holler’s Cooperative

http://www.grittv.org  “Collective Courage: A Conversation on Cooperation in African-American



San Francisco Community Land Trust

Twin Oaks Community, NYC Point A Project


The Midden

Project Row Houses


The Center for Urban Pedagogy

596 Acres

National Community Land Trust Network

How to research an “Odd Lot”

1. Find a property (especially one that looks abandoned) and decide to figure out who owns it, how much they got it for, and if they’ve paid off the mortgage.

2. Translate the address to Block and Lot # by going to: http://webapps.nyc.gov:8084/CICS/fin1/find001i

3. Type in the Block and Lot in ACRIS to get the property records: http://a836-acris.nyc.gov/DS/DocumentSearch/BBL

4. See the name of the current owner, and the previous owner, and mortgage status.

5. Google the owners, to get a full picture of the context.

6. Find Out Who has Spilled on that lot (Oasis)



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